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tv   President Obama Speaks at Pentagon 911 Remembrance Ceremony  CSPAN  September 12, 2016 12:41am-1:25am EDT

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lives lost in 9/11. 184 people lost their lives at the pentagon on september 11. president obama was there today on the 15th anniversary to honor the victims in a ceremony that -- ashton carter and joint chiefs staff chair with their to pay their respects. this is 40 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, at this time, president obama, secretary ashton carter, stephanie carter, general joe dunford, and mrs. ellen dunford will pay tribute to the lives lost on
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september 11 2001 by placing a the zero age line at the memorial. [trumpet playing]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please
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direct your attention to the flag on the pentagon building. it hangs today from sunrise to sunset in honor of patriot day, and in remembrance of the 184 at the pentagon. ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of the united states, performed by the united states army brass quintet. ♪ ["the star-spangled banner"] ♪
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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the united states navy chief of chaplains. >> would you pray with me? we pause this day in this hallowed space to remember
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husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, friends, to remember the warmth of their smiles, the touch of their hands, their last of their lives. help us never forget it has been your grace which has allowed us the time we were able to share, which has enabled us to hold on to the fondest of memories and provide us moments like this to cherish forever. god, we pause this day to remember those who first ,esponded, the unsung heroes civilian and military, emergency services, law enforcement, who fought valiantly that day to preserve the catalyst lives -- countless lives trapped within these walls, sacrificed their lives defending the freedom our sought and still
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seek to destroy. help us never forget the examples of kurds and fortitude these men and women demonstrated. examples of courage and fortitude these men and women demonstrated. it is now the responsibility of every american citizen to uphold. as we remember, we ask you not to forget us. allow your will to transform our memorial into a lasting commitment to those whom we have that youthe nation have preserved, and to a future defined by the values we hold dear. it is in the strength of your name we pray. amen. that you have preserved, and to a future >> ladies and gentlemen, 15 years ago, at 9:37 a.m., the pentagon was attacked. please join us in observing a moment of silence to remember
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those who perished. >> ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general joe dunford. mr. dunford: mr. president, secretary and mrs. carter, distinguished guests, and most importantly, to the family and friends of those we lost on september 2001, those who survived the attack on the pentagon, good morning. it has been said that the manner in which a nation or community
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cares for its fallen reflects the people's respect for their land and their loyalty to high ideals. we are here in that spirit to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, to maintain our commitment to never forget, and to demonstrate our loyalty to high ideals. whether they were ordinary citizens going about their daily lives, or those in uniform serving to protect our values and way of life, those we lost 15 years ago today were killed for what they believed, what they represented. over the years, i have heard the attacks of 9/11 described by some as senseless acts, and perhaps it does seem senseless for those who have endured the loss of a spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, or friend. but to the individuals who conducted these acts, the loss of life was not senseless. the terrorists who struck on 9/11 did so with a sense of purpose. they did so in a direct attack
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on our way of life and on our values. so, as we recall the events that took place here 15 years ago, those still serving should ask for god's blessing on those who died, those who continue suffering from injuries, and those who were left behind. we should also recall who we are, what we do, and why we serve. soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen, and civil service serve because of our belief in high ideals. and we serve to protect our families, friends, and fellow citizens. if today, and the years ahead, recalling the memories of 9/11 leaves us with a renewed sense of commitment to our values, and if today's gathering or binds us -- gathering reminds us of how important it is to defend those values, then those who were taken from us prematurely will
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be able to look down and know their lives had meaning. it will be able to take pride in how we are carrying on their legacy. it is now my privilege to introduce someone who has spent his life in service, our secretary of defense, the honorable ashton carter. [applause] mr. carter: today, we returned to the site of an attack motivated by barbarism and hate, an attack that rattled the world, that shook this mighty building and took lives at the -- 184 lives from us here at the pentagon as well as thousands in new york and pennsylvania. mr. president, chairman dunford, honored guests, family and friends of those we lost on
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9/11, today we come together as we have every year since 2001. we come together to remember those we lost that day and stand with friends and family to honor those we will never forget. we come together to reflect on all we have done together to recover and rebuild, to respond and to retaliate. and we come together to recommit to our hard, but certain mission to protect our country and our people, and to make a better world for our children. to all of those here before us who lost loved ones 15 years ago, our hearts and deepest sorrows are with you. we know that we can never fully know what you feel on this solemn day as you return to this place. but we do know, we fully know what your loved ones sacrifice
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means to our department and to our country, and what your resolve means to all of us as become to work each day to continue the mission your fallen loved ones summon us to, as we do, your example makes us stronger, and for that, we are grateful. we need that strength, and we have that resolve as we continue to confront and defeat those who conspire to attack us then, and all who aspire to do so today. indeed, when someone strikes at the heart of what we stand for, we respond with the full might of the finest fighting force the world has ever known because our memory is long, and our reach in -- and resolve are endless, our enemies cannot hide, they cannot escape, they cannot endure. wherever they are, they will surely, no matter how long it takes, come to feel the
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righteous fist of american might. since september 11, 2001, many men andca's best women have volunteered to respond to those attacks and to defend what is best about american civilization itself. our freedoms, our values, our care for life, our way of life. it is because of those americans, their service and their sacrifice, that the united states have hammered those who seek to attack us with every measure of american power, choking terrorist's networks, and bringing osama bin laden to justice eternal. it is because of those americans that 15 years later, as the threat of terrorism evolves, our fight continues. whether they still call themselves al qaeda, or cloak themselves beneath the black flag of isil, nothing changes of
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or what weorists are will do to protect our country. we possess limitless resolve to win, and the wind of goodness at our backs. it is because of those americans, that even as we confront the forces of darkness, the united states has continued to light the way toward a better future. whether in world wars or in the long battle against terrorists, our men and women in uniform steadfast ever, have provided the security and upheld the values that have allowed many millions upon millions of people not just in united states, but , around the world, to be safe, to raise their children to dream their dreams, to live lives that are full. and as a result, decades from now, when visitors to this memorial pause to remember the lives lost on september 11, 2001, they too will honor the men and women of the 9/11 generation, and give thanks for
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all they accomplished. they will forever be the true reflection of who we are as a nation and a military. a powerful memorial to those we lost 15 years ago, and a charge to us at a time of great change and challenge, that we must continue to meet. few have been more dedicated to doing so that our commander-in-chief. president obama has taken each year now of his presidency the time to remember 9/11. weather here in new york or elsewhere, he has never missed a year, not one. he has also never forgotten that day for those we lost. i continue that no one pays more care each and every time he send s men and women fourth from this building into harm's way.
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and i can tell you that he never relaxes in pursuit of those who threaten america. ladies and gentlemen, for those and many other reasons, it is my great privilege to introduce the president of united states, barack obama. [applause] pres. obama: i love you back. good morning. >> good morning. morning. pres. obama: scripture tells us let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you. write them on the tablet of your heart. secretary carter, chairman dunford, outstanding members of our armed forces, and most of all, survivors of that september day and the families of those we
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lost, it is a great honor, once again, to be with you on this day, a day that i know is still difficult, but which reveals the love and faithfulness in your hearts, and in the heart of our nation. we remember, and we will never forget, the nearly 3000 beautiful lives taken from us so cruelly. including 184 men, women, and children here. the youngest, just three years old. we honor the courage of those who put themselves in harm's way to save people they never knew. we come together in prayer and in gratitude for the strength that has fortified us across the se 15 years. and we renew the love and the faith that binds us together as
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one american family. 15 years may seem like a long time, but for the families who lost a piece of their heart that day, i imagine it can seem like just yesterday. perhaps it is the memory of a last kiss given to a spouse, or the last goodbye to a mother or father, a sister, or a brother. we wonder how their lives might have unfolded, how their dreams might have taken shape? and i am mindful that no words we offer or deeds we do can ever truly erase the pain of their absence. and yet you, survivors, and families of 9/11, your steadfast love and faithfulness has been an inspiration to me and to our entire country.
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even as you mourned, you summoned strength to carry on. in the names of those you have lost, you started scholarships and volunteered in your communities, and done your best to be a good neighbor, and a good friend, and a good citizen. and in your grief and grace, you thatreminded us together there is nothing that we as americans cannot overcome. the question for us is how do we preserve the legacy of those we lost? how do we live up to their example? how do we keep their spirit alive in our own hearts? well, we have seen the answer in a generation of americans. our men and women in uniform, diplomats, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals, all
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who have stepped forward to serve, and who have risked and given their lives to keep us safe. thanks to their service, we have dealt devastating blows to al qaeda. we delivered justice to osama bin laden. we strengthened our homeland security, we have prevented attacks and saved lives. we resolve to continue doing everything in our power to protect this country that we love. today, we once again pay tribute to these patriots, both military and civilian, who served in our name, including those far away from home in afghanistan and iraq. perhaps most of all the state to -- perhaps most of all, we spirit of thise
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day by defending not only our country, but also our ideals. 15 years into this fight, the threat has evolved. with our stronger defenses, terrorist attempt attacks on a smaller, but still deadly scale. painful ideologies encourage people to commit unspeakable violence. we have mourned the loss of innocence from boston to san bernardino to orlando. groups like al qaeda, like isil, know that they will never be able to defeat a nation is great and as strong as america. instead, they try to terrorize in the hopes that they stoke enough fear that we will turn on each other, and change who we are, or how we live. and that is why it is so important today that we reaffirm our character as a nation. people drawn from every corner of the world, every color, every
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religion, every background. bound by a creed as old as our founders, we are one. e. pluribus unum. for we know that our diversity, our patchwork heritage is not a weakness, it is still, and always will be, one of our greatest strengths. this is the america that was attacked that september morning. this is the america that we must remain true to. across our country today, americans are coming together in service and remembrance. we run our fingers over the
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names in memorial benches here at the pentagon. we walk the hallowed grounds of a pennsylvania field. we look up at a gleaming tower that pierces the new york city skyline. but in the end, the most enduring memorial to those we lost is ensuring the american and we continue to be. that we stay true to ourselves. that we stay true to what is best in us. that we do not let others divide us. as i mark this solemn day for the last time as president, i think of american's stories that i have been humbled to know that embody the true spirit of 9/11. it is the courage of wells, just 24 years old, in the south
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tower, the man in the red bandanna who spent his final moments hoping strangers to safety before the towers fell. it is the resilience of the firehouse on eighth avenue, patriots who lost a dozen men, but suit up every day. it is the love of a daughter whose father, in his last moments on the phone from the towers, told her, i will always be watching over you. it is the resolve of those navy seals who made sure justice was finally done. who served as we must live as a nation, getting each other's backs, looking out for each other, united, one mission, one team. the ultimate sacrifice of men farrest for eternity not
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oll --re in gentle,r rolling hills. americans who gave their lives in faraway places so we could be here today, strong and free, and proud. it is all of us. every american. who gets up each day, lives our lives, carries on. because as americans, we do not give in to fear. we will preserve our freedoms and the way of life that makes us a beacon to the world. write them on the tablet of your heart. and how we conduct ourselves as
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individuals and as a nation, we have the opportunity each and every day to live up to the sacrifice of those heroes that we lost. may god bless the memories of the loved ones here and across the country. they remain in our hearts today. may he watch over these faithful families and those who protect us, and may god forever bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪ [playing "america, the beautiful"]
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>> thank you gentlemen. >> thank you. ♪ [indiscernible conversation]
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♪ >> while that 9/11 ceremony at the pentagon was happening, another to place in shanksville, and sylvania near the site where flight 93 crashed.
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it included interior secretary sally jewell and members of the pennsylvania delegation. today, ofs ago course, american history changed. in this humble field here near shanksville, the united states pentagon, the twin towers and in every single hard in americans here and abroad. today and every day, we remember september 11, 2001. first i want to acknowledge the families of the 40 gathered here today and the thousands of other family members who lost. none of us would want to trade places with you, but we honor your sacrifice and those that do their lives for the rest of us. we


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